• Role Art Director & Designer
  • For Sky
  • Type DM, Press, Online Advertising

Sky TV Box Sets – press advertising

Sky needed to recapture existing customers attention and drive awareness of Sky Box Sets. So I focused on the completeness of Box Sets from the very beginning – more than anyone else, using both language and visual representation to support this proposition.

Sky Broadband – ‘BIG’ DM

A big offer needs a big mailer. And this is what I produced. A giant french-fold retention piece thanking Sky customers and offering an incentive to sign-up for a further 12 months. The originally client brief requested a simple letter pack, but we pushed for a more impactful concept which resulted in this mailer becoming the Sky’s team ‘best practice’ DM example.

Sky TV On Demand – press advertising

Showcasing two of Sky’s On Demand key propositions – the UK’s biggest Catch-Up TV service, and the latest and greatest TV Box Sets. The objectives were to drive desire amongst Sky prospects whilst further cementing their superiority over competitors. In a very direct Sky world, you need to find some way to add a pinch of personality. The language we used on the campaign with Joanna Lumley aimed to do just that.

Sky Value Unpacked

An advertising first for Sky and a media first for The Sun. Four consecutive full-page display ads masquerading as a four-page guide to Sky’s entertainment package, appearing within the Sun’s TV Guide.